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ELEVATE Athletic Development is a Canadian clothing brand geared towards inspiring others to become the best possible versions of themselves.

The ELEVATE logo is one that represents the understanding that we are all capable of achieving greatness in whatever it is that we pursue.

By being willing to put in the require effort and to continue believing in yourself regardless of any obstacles and setbacks, all things become possible.

Company History

The ELEVATE brand initially began as a basketball training organization. Founder, Austin Chambers, is a former university varsity athlete who is extremely passionate about inspiring and seeing progress in others. In 2014, he created ELEVATE Athletic Development with the intention of passing on the valuable skills and lessons he has learned to younger athletes.

After three years, Austin realized that the messages he was teaching his young clients didn’t just apply to the game of basketball. The importance of self-belief, discipline and positivity exists in nearly all aspects of life. After realizing this, Austin began to consider other ways of spreading these messages.

Since then, ELEVATE has transformed into a nationwide clothing brand with a logo that represents the understanding that we are all capable of achieving greatness. Today, Austin and the rest of Team ELEVATE work diligently to show others that by being willing to work hard and to always believe in yourself, all things become possible.

Austin Chambers

"Talent is the product of countless hours spent honing your craft. The more work you put in, the better you get. The better you get, the more people will begin to call you talented."