Superstar Program

Join an elite training pod and get better faster!

Work closely with former university and professional-level athletes in our fun, challenging and exciting small-group training program.  


"Elevate training is really good for players who want to get better. They push you hard so you can be the best you can be"

Miguel Bunleon

"I can feel myself improving with every session. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. It's always a pleasure training with you!!"

Emily Sullivan

How it works

We train in small groups
Superstar program training sessions consist of groups of 3 players or less. This allows our coaches to pay special attention to the individual needs of each and every athlete.


We group players according to skill level
At their very first session, each player is evaluated and placed in a training pod of equally experienced players at their position. This allows players the opportunity to encourage and challenge one another; further accelerating their growth.


We hire GREAT coaches
Our Elevate coaches are all current and former Seahawks who are taught the 'Elevate way' of developing athletes. Each coach is trained to meet our standard of teaching and is evaluated each and every session. We make sure that our athletes are always getting the best instruction possible.

Our Coaching Staff

Austin Chambers

A 4 year member and former captain of the MUN Seahawks, Austin is a coach with a tremendous amount of high level playing experience. Austin is extremely passionate about inspiring and seeing
progress in others and in 2014, he created ELEVATE Athletic Development with the intention of passing on the valuable skills and lessons he has learned.

Daniel Gordon

A former star of the MUN Seahawks and member of the 2018-2019 Island Storm professional basketball team, Daniel is a charismatic and energetic coach with a tremendous amount of wisdom to pass on to the next generation.

Liam Kelly

Liam did not play competitive basketball in high school. But through his hard work and determination, Liam was able to teach himself enough in
less than 1 year to get to a level that enabled him to make the Seahawks roster. Liam's goal now is to help the players he trains to improve just as
quickly as he did.

Jaylen Clarke

A former point guard for both the MUN Seahawks and Cape Breton Capers, Jaylen has an extensive amount of basketball knowledge that he is eager to share. Jaylen has a very fun and energetic personality and players are sure to improve and have fun in the process each and every session with him.

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