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Elevate Your Game!

Guarantee your improvement by working with and learning from university and professional-level basketball players.


We believe that anyone is capable of becoming a great basketball player and we want to help you get there.

If you want to get better, this is the program for you.

Elevate Athletes at the next level

Austin is a great trainer! He's able to evaluate any player and develop a program to help the player succeed. I've seen first hand in the progress of my son with Austin the last 2 years."

Mickaél Pryce

“The coaches push us really hard during training and always try to get us in better shape. I feel like I get better as well as stronger in a short amount of time training with Elevate.”

Igor Radic

"I chose Elevate for my son Michael McDonald because of their coaches' knowledge and dedication to the game of basketball. Michael's game has improved greatly since training with Elevate because of their training style.”

Philip McDonald

"I can feel myself improving with every session. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. It's always a pleasure training with you!!"

Emily Sullivan

Andy Cummings

"The coaches at Elevate have taught Zachary how to become a better player through his skill set and knowledge of what it takes to take his game to the next level.  It has made Zachary stronger and a more confident player."

Alicia Vidal

"That was amazing. I'm pretty sure that was the best coaching I've ever had. I learned so much within just an hour."

Liam Oakley

"Training with Elevate is awesome. It is definitely the greatest thing I ever did to help with my basketball skills. They always push you to do your best, they are all really friendly and are there to help you whenever you need them."

Faith Wellon

"Coach was amazing, he pushed me to my limit when I thought I'd already reached it. That's what's great about Elevate, they're there for the sole purpose of making you better."

Braedon Lamkin

"My son's been training with Elevate for a few years now. His game has improved immensely."

"I am happy to recommend Austin as a high quality basketball trainer and person.  Austin has been an incredibly dedicated player, and has trained very hard to become a major contributor to our basketball team.  He understands the concepts of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment, and has evolved into a team leader and inspiration for others. I highly recommend Austin for anyone looking for a trainer that they can look up to, as well as one who provides the necessary instruction to improve and become your best.”

Peter Benoite, Former Head Coach of the Memorial University Sea-Hawks