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The CEO’s Journal- Entry 6: Building a Community

Here it is! As promised I’m back with another post. It’s been a really GREAT week and I’m truly thankful for the direction the company is headed. Here’s why I’m so happy:

We’ve added two more incredible athletes to our family.

Allie Green is a strong and talented member of the provincial Taekwondo team. She has consistently been one of the top young martial artists in Atlantic Canada and is a source of inspiration for many young girls in the province.

Liam Hickey is one of the world’s most impressive athletes. A double Paralympic athlete, Liam won silver for Canada in wheelchair basketball at the Parapan American Games in 2015 and then brought home the silver medal in Para ice hockey at Winter Games this year. Liam is a symbol of hope and inspiration for all of Newfoundland and is a perfect addition to the ELEVATE family.

Welcome Allie and Liam!

I’ve started working with a local basketball club! My friend and former teammate, Patrick Slaney, created his own organization and has given me the opportunity to work with the kids in his program. I absolutely love that I can continue sharing my basketball knowledge with these young players and I’m really excited to play a role in their development!

We had a pop up shop at a tournament!

Our first ever tournament pop up shop took place last weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Although it was a small tournament, we were overwhelmed with the support we received. I absolutely love pop up shops because they’re an opportunity for us to really connect with our incredible supporters. We got to meet a lot of amazing people and thanks to their support, we sold out of many of our hoodies and crewnecks. Thank you guys for being so amazing!

I’m predicting that we’re going to have a HUGE end to 2018.

Currently, we’re scheduled to host a number of pop up shops to end the year. We’re also going to be releasing some new products which we posted on our Instagram story. Based on the responses to those posts, it would seem that we’ve chosen very, very well. Stay tuned!

Last week was fantastic and I’m thankful that things are headed in the right direction for us. And while it’s important to appreciate good moments, it is just as important to not take your foot off the gas. So it’s back to work for me to ensure that by the end of the week, I’ll have some more good news for you guys.

Thanks for reading! - Austin (@DedicatedAustin)