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The CEO's Journal- Entry 23: Perception is Everything

Just like everyone else, I get down sometimes when things don't go my way. But, I also get over things very quickly. I believe it's because of my understanding that perception is everything.

You know those weird pictures where when you look at it you see one thing but then find out that it’s actually a picture of something else too? Every situation you encounter is basically one of those pictures. Let me explain.

Rabbit or duck?

On their own, events are meaningless. It’s us that assigns a meaning and forms an opinion of those events. And because we are the ones who assign those meanings and form those opinions, we also have the power to change them. Now while certain events are certainly universally recognized as BAD, and are sure to get anyone down, it is my experience that something good can always be found from any situation.

Now I already know, someone is reading this thinking “NONSENSE! UNTRUE!”. So let’s examine this theory of mine using some examples:

  1. Loss of a job. That’s sad. It really is. But, did you learn from that job? If you did, having that job was a blessing that’s going to help you do even better in your next one. Did you learn from your termination? Because now you know what mistakes not to make. You also have time now to reflect on how to make sure you don’t make them. You’ll become better because of this. Also, you now have the opportunity to find a job that fits you even better. One with maybe higher pay, co-workers you get along with better, or one that’s more fulfilling to you.

  2. Heartbreak. These suck, a lot. Was it a perfect relationship? If it wasn’t, you now have the chance to find one that’s better. If it was perfect to you, chances are that means that it was your partner who cut things off. What that means is that they didn’t value it the way you did. So now you get to find someone who will actually appreciate you and what you have to offer. On top of that, you now have the opportunity to work on yourself so that you’re even better for that better person that’s going to come your way.

  3. Death of a loved one. I’ll never argue that this can be a good thing. But what I can say is that if you loved them, you were blessed to have them in your live. While you’ll surely be devastated by their passing, you will always have the good memories of them and when the grief period is over, you’ll appreciate the way they positively impacted your life.

  4. Lose all your money gambling in Las Vegas and have your family and girlfriend/boyfriend abandon you and also lose your job and also break your leg all in the same week? Damn, that sucks. But when you finally get through this you’re going to have the confidence to know that you can overcome anything. No matter what happens after this, you’ll always know that you’ve made it through worse.

See, there’s always another way of looking at things. We are all human and things are definitely going to get us down sometimes.. But nothing has to keep you down. This isn’t blind positivity here. There is logic to it. No matter what happens, you can find something good to take out of the situation if you try hard enough. It’s up to you to decide. Thank you for reading! Austin Chambers, Founder & CEO

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