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The CEO's Journal: Entry 8- Take The High Road

Hi everyone!

It's a short entry from me this week but I do have some important advice for each and every one of you. Enjoy this week's entry:

Our last pop up shop was really unexpected and was planned at the very last minute. Because of that, we weren’t able to order apparel in advance and are now in a position where we're currently sold out of most of our items. This leaves us with a really strange and funny problem: We basically have nothing to sell. But I always say that we can always use our current situations to our advantage. In our case, we’ve been using this opportunity to focus on fully planning the next few months. We have a ton of projects lined up and a lot of new products on the way. We’re going to end 2018 with a BANG!

Because there isn’t much I can tell you about these projects right now (gotta keep it a secret right now), I’d like to end this entry with a word of advice.

Always take the high road.

When others do you wrong, it’s easy to let your emotions get the better of you. But when that happens, we usually end up doing things that we later regret or that don’t benefit us in any way in the long term. We end up hurting others. So my advice to you is to not give into those angry or negative emotions. I know that it’s easier said than done. But when we choose to take the high road, we also choose to continue moving forward with our lives. People are going to do things that hurt us. That’s an unfortunate reality of life that we all experience. I’ve had people betray, talk down on, and go back on their word to me. But that’s life. It happens. It then becomes up to use to decide how we're going to react. It’s on us to decide whether we’re going to let those people steer us down a path that we do not want to go or if we’re going to take it on the chin, keep our heads high and keep our focus on our goals.

And the truth is, most of the time when people do us wrong, it was not their main intention. Most people that we meet are good people at heart and it is often their problems, experiences and situations that cause them to do ‘bad’ things. We all make mistakes and sometimes forgiving people for theirs is the best thing that we can do for ourselves.

Thank you for reading!

Austin Chambers

Founder & CEO